Introducing Chinese Law

Whether people choose to ignore its lessons or not, history plays a huge part in shaping our world. Thus, despite your chosen degree, you’re going to need a bit of background knowledge to really understand where all these seemingly arbitrary laws and systems come from. But don’t bang your head against a wall just yet, it’s actually a lot of fun and makes archaic statutes much more interesting.

Chinese Law is taught in two sections – the first focuses on law in traditional Imperial China, and the second on law in Modern China. So to make your life easier, I’ve included two timelines below. Although they are perfect for our purposes, they are very simplified – you really don’t want to get lost in the details. These are to help you keep track of the general political atmosphere.

CL Timeline 1CL Timeline 2

As for my lecture note posts, feel free to read whichever ones you find relevant, but they do lead on from each other and are chronological for the most part.

This is quite honestly my favourite module. I love how it combines history and law so flawlessly. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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