Introduction to Tort Law

First thing you should know: Tort law is essentially 99% case law, and it’s usually a core module of law programmes. But don’t despair just yet. It’s actually a pretty interesting area of law, with some pretty funny cases to keep the smile on your face. As for revision, so long as you have structure, and remember a few key cases, you will be absolutely fine. Pinky promise.

I’m going to post my lecture notes in the order I was taught, and following it is not essential, but it will probably be simpler to do so as each topic gets more complicated as you go along.

Since Tort law is mostly case law, it’s important to have a way of accessing the facts and judgements quickly. My lecturer recommended that we create our own casebook. Honestly, it’s an awesome tip. I really cannot stress how helpful it was. The problem with just printing out the summary or the entire case is that often they provide the wrong details. But because I’ve already made mine, and I don’t like precious work going to waste, I’m going to be nice and share it with you guys. Use it as a template, add your own ideas, and add other cases you find important. I’m not a genius (surprising, I know), so read through them and make sure there aren’t any mistakes or incongruencies.

That’s it for the introduction. I guess what you need to take away from this is that you can’t fake your way through a Tort law exam. But you can get away with learning less cases as long as you know the right ones. That’s all…

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to smile.

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